Video: Plane delayed as couple wrestle on tarmac

This is absolutely disgusting! The man ended up pinning his wife to the ground and swinging his fists in the direction of her face!

There is nothing more awkward than seeing a couple fight in public.

However, this particular fight takes the cake!

Imagine a couple arguing and then wrestling each other on the tarmac before boarding a plane?!

A flight was delayed for nearly half an hour after the couple decided a little argument and wrestle on the runway was in order.

Word has it that the pair began raising their voices while standing in the queue and then refused to board the flight.

Airline staff were called to break up the fight, but the footage shows the incident escalating to a physical point on the tarmac.

It is like a scene out of a Hollywood movie!

The couple were denied access to the plane when they eventually stopped fighting.

The unnamed couple have since been arrested and are now under investigation, with police saying the pair are in the middle of a divorce.

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