Trump and his weird handshakes

They’ll be arm wrestling at the next meeting.

President Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron shared the mother of all handshakes in Paris on Friday, tightly gripping each other’s paws for a good 25 seconds.

Trump even reached over to Macron’s wife, Brigitte, at one point, giving her a kiss and then grabbing her hand so the trio could be united in an epic moment of transatlantic diplomacy.


“It was a great honour to represent the United States at the magnificent #BastilleDay parade. Congratulations President @EmmanuelMacron!” Trump later wrote in a tweet.

Trump and Macron have developed quite the history of awkward handshakes.

When they met in Brussels in May, the world leaders shook hands so fiercely that their jaws clenched and knuckles turned white.

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