Stress! Stress!! Everywhere…

Do we realise how much stress we are under from when we wake up in the morning to when we go to bed at night?

If you have a high profile job and are in a managerial position, there’s added stress if you have to get to work early (to set a good example) and you have to work extra hard to maintain that position!

If you are a woman and have kids who go to school, ¬†then there’s added stress when you have to make sure the kids are picked up on time (you don’t want them to have a feeling of abandonment!). Then you have to drop them off and go back to work!

When you get back from work – exhausted – you still have to prepare dinner for your family (unless you are lucky and your husband can cook and is also willing to take on the traditional role of cooking for the family).

However, the one that gets me the most is when you go to get services at some of these small businesses like having  your hair or your nails done or getting a massage Рall services that are supposed to help you relax and feel good about yourself and instead you end up being stressed out! Sadly, (and thank God only a small percentage of these small businesses are guilty) end up adding to your stress because of poor customer service/relations!

That was my experience recently when I called in to book a massage and was told to “come right away ” only to get there after 20 minutes drive that the masseuse was not availability ! I almost lost it and was more stressed out by having to drive there for nothing instead of getting the relaxing massage I was so looking forward t.

Instead of a simple “I’m sorry ” and let the matter rest, they spent some considerable time telling me they didn’t hear what I said! If you didn’t hear what I said why did you say “come right away” I queried?

Needless to say that they lost an otherwise dedicated customer!
What happened to “the customer is always right”? It seems these days that some of them think and act like they are doing the customer a favour (forgetting that the customer is the raison d’etre of the business.

I’ve been to some salons where they offer you sodas of your choice or coffee and snacks. They certainly give new meaning to customer service! It’s nice to be pampered when you walk into a shop or salon as that will keep you coming back and thereby helping to grow the business.

Remember, the Customer is always right; he may be stupid, totally irrational, but THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT!

Aunty Grace

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  1. Fr. Richard. j. Enegbuma says:

    Life is not easy. Too much worries. Man made tensions to do many things. Failures in life too, creat stress stress. It may make you look urgly or wrinkled in facial appearance.
    Learn to smile once in a minute.

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