Wills, Living Trust et al

IF there’s one thing we are all Certain of, it’s DEATH yet when you say “I almost died” you hear “God forbid!”

But it’s only in dying that we’ll go to heaven (we hope)!
Have we thought about our loved ones who will be left grieving when we die? Our wives, our husbands, our children?

What provisions have we made for them to cushion the loss when you pass on?


It’s actually more simple than you think. It’s simply for you to write down who you’ll like to get what when you die because if you die without one, your estate can go to others or the state!

What if you are not dead but are so incapacitated that you cannot take decisions about your own welfare?
This is where a LIVING TRUST is useful.

Set up one and decide who amongst your family, (you partner or children) who will make the decisions as to what to do if you are so incapacitated.

They should also be able to access your funds to do what they need to do!
Death may seem scary but remember when you are dead, you feel Nothing so fear not and live your life to the fullest.

Spend time with those who truly love you and do the things that come from your heart and not things to impress others because when the chips are down those who truly love you will be by your side!

Aunty Grace.

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  1. Lady P says:

    Very true and wise counsel

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