I Hate Surprises!

How often do you hear “I hate surprises!” One Sunday recently, my kids and I decided to drive the 3 hours it takes to visit a beloved cousin of mine who lives in another city. We decided not to tell her we were coming.

My son, always the practical one, asked ” what if she’s not home and you end up being the one who’s surprised? She s been to visit me a few times and the last time she came (to surprise us) we were not home!

Being a Sunday I knew she’ll go to church so we planned on leaving early so we would get there before she leaves for church but that didn’t quite work out so we decided to catch her after she came back from church. I called her to ask when she’ll be done with church and she replied that she was actually on her way home.

Brilliant! I told her I’ll call her back when she got home. Anxious about what I had to tell her (there was nothing!) she called me when she got home wanting to know why I had called her! I told her I’ll call her right back. When we were a few minutes from her house I called her again ( just to make sure that she didn’t decide on a last minute errand and left home!)

When we got there and rang the bell, the shock and look on her face was priceless! She hates surprises she said but the joyful look on her face definitely contradicted anything hateful! “So why do you hate surprises?”

“So why do you hate surprises ?” I asked. There was no serious reason except that she just doesn’t like surprises, period. She goes “If I knew you were coming I would have cooked! “But “this”, she said,” is one good surprise!” We proceeded to spend a glorious afternoon with her and her husband before heading back not knowing that I was about to have a taste of my own medicine the next day!

The very next day, a friend of mine, who heard I was in hospital wanted to come see me to make sure I wasn’t dead!! So she arrives at my front door from London (my son who was in on it, picked her up from the airport).

Well, I can tell that I understand why some people don’t like surprises- one could have a heart attack!!
I almost fainted from the shock of seeing her when only a few hours before she had called me from London complaining about the English weather!!

But was I happy? Of course, I was ecstatic!

I screamed, “why didn’t you tell me you were coming?” (forgot you don’t talk about a surprise before it happens!)

Apart from the shock ( she could be a ghost!) everything was cool and I proceeded to make sleeping arrangements etc, etc.

So why do people hate surprises? One friend said ” I don’t like being caught off guard! What if I’m not ready ?” ” Ready for what I asked?”

“Ready to entertain etc etc”

The story is told of a guy whose wife had planned a surprise birthday party for in a mutual friends house that had a big garden so she had d garden all set out to entertain 30 of their friends. She told him to stop by their friend s house at 7 as she would be there visiting with the wife. “Has this girl forgotten my birthday?” he said to himself “I’ll give her a dose of her own medicine when I forget our anniversary or her birthday” he vowed.

He went off to play tennis and without showering, headed for their friend s house ( that was ok as they were very close friends).

He got there and rang the bell and as someone opened the door a crowd Sang out “happy birthday to you.”
He was so embarrassed and angry that he wanted to walk out! He gave the wife a “wait till we get home” glare and she tried to make fun of it all by saying it’s a surprise (like he didn’t know!) and he should enjoy the moment. Well he sulked all evening because he was caught with his pants off( well almost!)

So the reason most people hate surprises is because want to be prepared. They want to be in control all the time. However for the majority of people ( and that includes me) surprises are good. The thought and planning that go with surprises can be exhilarating.

Give me a surprise any day!
Aunty Grace

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  1. Michael Egiethua says:

    Very interesting pleasant surprise!

  2. D'marie. (Donna) says:

    Love the reading Aunty Grace!!! Hugs

  3. O'Yemi Afolabi says:

    I enjoyed this story from the start to the end. We all must fortify our ‘shock absorbers’ so as to endure more surprises.

  4. Orotineye says:


  5. Sis Ngozi says:

    Very interesting, I was thrilled about the story. Thanks for sharing.

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