Giving is an art

They say it’s better to give than to receive – but most would say: “that’s fine as long as we are at the receiving end”!

In a depressed global economy where many are struggling to make ends meet and where some do not get to eat two square meals (forget three square meals!) a day, having enough left overs to give others becomes difficult if not impossible!

Yet giving of the little you have becomes an Art!

The Bible tells the classic story of the widow and her mite (to us, the last penny or dime), as her act of giving all she had deserved a mention in the Bible – action which we are advised to emulate!

Her action gave giving a new meaning, an Art!

Most people give only when pressured to do so while some give only because it’s an insignificant part of what they have but few, very few, give voluntarily without any coercion and with no hope or expectation of being paid back.

To them, giving is part of them, an Art, and one that certainly makes them happy to give!

They are the ones who believe that it’s truly better to give than to receive!

To those who give so freely and generously, may the good Lord bless them with more. As for the tight fisted, open those hands so even you can receive!

Finally, please remember that giving can take many forms- giving of your time to comfort an ailing friend or giving words of consolation to a bereaved person is giving nonetheless and is sometimes just as valuable as the widow s mite!

Take care!
Aunty Grace

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  1. Fr. Richard says:

    Really to give is also a virtue and peculiar in charity. A developed art . You give not because you have much but because you know what it means not to have or to be empty. That is moral theology.

  2. Rosemary Wallace says:

    “It is more blessed to give than receive”, Paul quoted Jesus as saying. It is a rule we should all live by and the world will be a better place. We came with nothing and we will depart the world with nothing. And, oh the joy that you have when you give!

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