Givers Never Lack

It is often said that when you give you get back measure for measure and even more!
To some, giving comes naturally while to some it is acquired.
Do you remember when your mama will tell you “share your food” or “let your little brother (or sister) play with your toys? Meanwhile you’ll be hanging on to the toys with a sense of entitlement. ‘It is mine after all!’
Giving and sharing certainly bring a sense of relief and how much of what we have do we really need anyway?
When you look at your closet and see items you have not used in 3-6 months, give them away! Declutter! And you’ll feel better!
I love shoes and I admit that when I give away some I have not used in months, it’s usually an excuse to buy more (bad!) but giving brings me a sense of relief, and I get that it’s a pleasure – to-give feeling.
But what if Someone asks you for something you really really like and would like to keep for yourself? Would you give just because they asked and you feel an obligation to give?
Have the courage to say “No can’t give you that, I like it too!” Do Not feel bad that you cannot give a favourite possession you want to keep for yourself. Lend it instead and say “I’ll let you borrow it. You can use it , but you must return it in.”
Set a time line for its return, but be sure that the person who you are giving it to is not one of those without a conscience who will take it and refuse to return it with the thought (“after all she has so many. What’s she gonna do to me. ..”).
Give as often as you can and as much as you can for-
AUNTY Grace.

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