‘The Fate of the Furious’: Meet First African American To Direct a Billion-Dollar Movie

Vin Diesel and F. Gary Gray

The eighth entry in the “Furious” franchise currently stands at about $1.2 billion, with more than 80% of that business outside North America — making this the unusual (and welcome) case of a black director’s filmmaking the bulk of its money outside the U.S.That’s a stark contrast with, say, Tyler Perry, whose films have made over $953 million but whose entire career has seen just $8 million in overseas box office. (Most of his films weren’t released outside North America.)

2017     The Fate of the Furious*
Domestic: $209,207,090   Foreign: $957,283,449   Total:$1,166,490,539

2015     Straight Outta Compton
Domestic: $161,197,785   Foreign: $40,437,206   Total: $201,634,991

2009     Law Abiding Citizen
Domestic: $73,357,727   Foreign: $53,332,999   Total: $126,690,726

2005     Be Cool
Domestic: $56,046,979   Foreign: $39,179,137   Total: $95,226,116

2003     The Italian Job
Domestic: $106,128,601   Foreign: $69,941,570   Total: $176,070,171

2003     A Man Apart
$26,736,098   Foreign: $17,614,828   Total: $44,350,926       

1998     The Negotiator
$44,547,681   Foreign: $4,400,000   Total: $48,947,681                      

1996     Set It Off
Domestic: $36,461,139   Foreign: $5,129,747   Total: $41,590,886

1995     Friday
Domestic: $27,467,564   Foreign: $748,354   Total: $28,215,918

(“The Fate of the Furious” is still in release. All numbers are unadjusted. Source: Box Office Mojo)

So far, Gray’s worldwide career gross stands around $1.93 billion; that’s enough to establish him as the most successful black director of all time, but we look forward to seeing it cross an even $2 billion. Well played, sir.

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