Dealing with Loss

Dealing with loss can be traumatic and destabilizing, whether it be loss of a beloved possession or person!

They tell you “don’t get attached to things because they are material and you can always replace them..”

Yes but how about people you love? How do you ever replace a loved one – a Partner, a Child, a Sibling or even a Parent?

Last year when my brother Nick in london passed suddenly, I was in denial.

This can’t be happening! I had spoken to him only a few weeks before! While dealing with the pain and loss, I had to consider our 87yr old mother who was completely traumatized and angry that she was not able to be there to “save my son”!

Painful as the loss of a loved one might be, it’s always better to share the pain with others. Grieving alone or withdrawing into a shell will only make the pain worse for a Problem Shared is a Problem Halved!

Most people do not know what to do but I think just being with the bereaved person (even without saying anything) truly helps. Knowing that one is not alone especially After the funeral will certainly help the bereaved to deal with the sometimes inexplicable excruciating pain (and no, you don’t know how they feel!!)

However, tough as it may seem, time Does heal wounds somewhat (even if not completely).

You may never forget a loved one you’ve lost but the acute pain will dull over time and you ll be able to focus on the living and what needs to be done etc.

We should all try and spend time with people we love because we do not know who will be gone too soon.


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