Why Many Millennials in Nigeria May End up Unfulfilled Adults


I cannot agree more with this writer! Very often, we, parents have professions we have carefully chosen for our children and sometimes with total disregard to the child s preferences, or worse, capabilities!

I stand accused of making that mistake with my daughter who set out to study architecture (she had A1 in technical drawing and mathematics) but because computer science was the “in thing” then, I prevailed on her to take a degree in computer science, which she hated!

Fortunately, after  bagging 2 degrees – one in economics and another in psychology- she choose what she loves most – PHOTOGRAPHY-as a career!

Parents, please let your children follow their own chosen paths but GUIDE them and encourage them in whatever they want to do.

Good luck with that!
Aunty Grace

Recently, my friend Morris Ogbowu uploaded pictures from his College graduation on Facebook—now this is not a strange occurrence in our social media generation, but this one was special, and let me tell you why.

From 2010-2012, I studied Electrical Electronics Engineering at Rivers State College of Arts and Science (RIVCAS) and it was a very beautiful two years for me, not necessarily because of the school or course of study, but because it was in those 2 years I finally discovered and strongly decided to follow my purpose which has led me to where I am now.

Back to the story, so Morris was my classmate in RIVCAS and he was just a fun guy. I remember us bursting bars in class and talking about music, poetry, and his mixtapes.

Mixtapes and Missed Tests

Usually most people who attend RIVCAS (and colleges generally around Nigeria) are those who are awaiting University admission or maybe hoping to go to the University from there, but don’t want to be idle at home during the period.

Morris missed classes and tests while we were in RIVCAS. At the time he looked very unserious, but in retrospect I can now understand that it was because he wasn’t very motivated—it wasn’t his fault. Of course this is not to make a case for young people who miss classes and tests.

But the truth is when people are not motivated about a certain cause, the first way they show it is, reluctance. It’s a normal human response.

I believe many young people are disconnected from school today for many reasons but two are paramount, first, we haven’t found the right way to educate them. The system we currently use was built for a world that no longer exists.

When you watch TED talks by Sir Ken Robinson or Prof Sugata Mitra you get a deeper understanding of this. When I spoke with Sir Ken Robinson last year on my podcast series, “The Stroll Live” we also discussed this.

The second reason is the crux of this article—it is the reason I think many young people in Nigeria (and many other countries) will grow up to become unhappy adults—and it is that, the current system doesn’t help many young people to discover and harness their talents, potentials, or gifting.

Morris would usually draw sketches or write rap verses and perform them to entertain the class. We would often share his mixtapes among ourselves via Bluetooth, and he will also ask for us to rate him.

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