As anti-Trump protests sweep the Nation, Trump calls them ‘unfair’

Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of several cities nationwide on Thursday in a second night of rallies protesting the election victory of Donald Trump. While the gatherings were mostly peaceful, late-night vandalism and graffiti turned a march in Portland, Oregon, into what police described as a riot.

“Due to extensive criminal and dangerous behavior, protest is now considered a riot. Crowd has been advised,” tweeted the Portland Police Department, who pointed the finger at “anarchists.”

Thousands turned up in Portland’s Pioneer Courthouse Square early in the night for a peaceful protest and march, but as the night wore on, individuals were seen vandalizing businesses and property in the city’s Pearl District and throwing objects at police.

Police reported a total of 26 arrests for the night after they deployed rubber bullets and flash grenades to clear the streets.

At one point, a crowd of people stepped in to stop a bat-wielding man from smashing a transformer.

According to ABC affiliate KATU, a driver on the Hawthorne Bridge apparently threw laundry detergent at some of the protesters, who then took her keys and threw them over the overpass. Her car was abandoned on the bridge.

The community group Don’t Shoot PDX has organized the protests over the last couple of nights. A spokesman for the group, Gregory McKelvey, told KATU they do not condone violence or vandalism and plan to lead with an “example of peace.”

“As we wrap our minds around this failed attempt at democracy that we as a country have witnessed in this election, and brace ourselves as Americans for a new Republican commander-in-chief with a majority Republican House and Senate; we are even more strengthened in our resolve to fight,” read a statement from the Next Generation Action Network before the protest. “Most everything out of the Trump campaign has been divisive and contrary to those values written in the U.S. Constitution.”

Elsewhere in Texas, at least two protesters were arrested, one for shoving an officer, at an Austin protest, according to ABC affiliate KVUE.

Around 100 people marched around Houston, with police reporting at least 5 arrests.

The San Francisco Bay area was also a hotbed of protests Thursday, as well.

Protesters returned to Oakland to protest the president-elect, descending upon city hall carrying signs that read “Liberation, Not Deportation.”

The demonstrators shut down Interstate 580, creating major traffic disruptions. Police reported at least 6 arrests.

Oakland police reported at least 11 arrests, and one individual who was detained with a cache of Molotov cocktails. The police department said it made arrests and citations for for crimes ranging from assault on officers, vandalism, failure to disperse, and public intoxication.

Culled from ABC News

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