Women’s March Is The Largest Protest In US History

women-protestPresident Donald Trump wound up fulfilling his promise that his inauguration would break records, just probably not in the way he had in mind. The Women’s March, an anti-Trump protest aimed at standing up for women’s rights is now estimated to be the largest one-day protest in United States history.

Based on numbers tallied by UConn professor Jeremy Pressman, the current total estimate of those who attended the marches (excluding those who demonstrated in other countries) sits between 3.2 million and 4.2 million. The numbers are only expected to increase as more accurate numbers pour in.

For context, here is how the Women’s March numbers stack up against some of America’s largest protests:

Martin Luther King’s March on Washington DC (1963), where he gave the historic “I Have a Dream” speech: 250,000

Anti-Vietnam war protest in Washington DC (1969) – 500,000-600,000

Anti-Nuclear March in NYC Central Park (1982) – 1 million

March on Washington DC for Lesbian, Gay, and Bi Equal Rights and Liberation (1993) – Between 800,000 and 1 million

Protest against the Iraq War in cities across America (2003) – 500,000

Women’s March in cities across America (2017) – 3.1 million.

US Uncut’s estimates can be found here. (Collaboration with District 13.)

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