We Will Go Only When We Are Called

We will go only when we are called by the Almighty God who created us. Some may think I’m being morbid but really, we will die only when God says to come.

His reasons for calling us may not be clear to us and others and some circumstances may truly seem tragic (in human reasoning) but we will go only when we are called by Him!

The devil may be dancing around and may even try to call, but for the true children of God who believe that only their Creator Has the power to call them, what the devil will hear is “sorry, you’ve got the wrong number! Check your number again!”

It is the reason we hear many “near death “stories  and comments like” it was not your time.” Yes indeed it was not my time and what it is, is that I have not been called by the only One who has the power and yes- the Right to call me!

We, as humans, fear death (and I believe the pig or cow too, when being taken to the abattoir for slaughter, or perhaps even the chicken when passing by a KFC!) But how many of us would be glad to go when we are sure it’s the Lord who is calling?

A friend and I had this conversation when she asked me ” but how would you know it’s the Lord calling and not the Devil? ” I replied, “I don’t know but what do you think?”

She went on to give what I thought was a brilliant answer “If  you are at peace and willing and ready to answer the call then it’s God but if you  are disturbed and fighting the call then it’s likely to be the devil!”

I asked her to show me which human being will be at death s door and will shout “open let me enter and I will show you mother Theresa!”

I told her: “I believe the fear of death is ingrained in us as the way hunger is when you’ve not eaten for days but if you were hungry and saw food that was poisonous would you eat it?”

“I no understand this your grammar anymore” she replied. ” let’s drop this morbid topic of death!”

“Why do you think discussing death is morbid but discussing hunger, pain and poverty (spiritual and physical) is not?” I asked again.

At this point, she was done talking so I said to her “One last question and I’ll shut up!

If God were to say to you now,’ if you die this minute, you’ll be sure to come to heaven, but if you Choose to wait to die sometime in the future, there’ll be no guarantee that you’ll come to heaven,’ which will you choose, die now and be sure to go to heaven or wait and die later when you are  not sure you will go to heaven?”

What do you think she said?

What would YOUR answer be?

Let me hear from you in the comment Section of this blog.

Thank you!
Aunty Grace

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3 Responses

  1. chyzoki@yahoo.com says:

    Hmmmmm this question is deep o hmm, everybody wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die whether now or any time 😀😀

  2. Sharon Williams says:

    Very true o. None of us wanna die but we do wanna go to heaven. Why do we eve fear death? Imagine Aunty Grace’s friend wanted to change to topic from morbid to money, I guess. May God increase your knowledge Aunty.

  3. Lynsey Pait says:

    You are right my friend

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