3 Things To Learn When The Going Gets Tough

In my last write up-METAPHOR FOR LIFE- I talked about how one s life can change in an instant!

They say adversity makes one stronger (and sometimes even stronger) but how many of realise or even acknowledge the lessons to be learnt during tough and difficult periods or do we just wallow in self pity?

A Positive attitude is an integral part of healing as of course are prayers and taking your medications faithfully!
But during that period of pain and confusion, how many of us actually LISTEN to that not – so – loud a voice speaking to us? How many of us actually ask ” What lessons am I supposed to learn from this experience?”

For me, it was a period not only to bond with God in a special way but also to acknowledge His importance in my life. Your Health can Change but the life you love doesn’t have to!

I listened to that voice and realized that I have so much to be grateful for which I’ve hitherto taken for granted- like my daughter- yes she’s my daughter I know, but I have just discovered an amazing human being in her, a friend, and a truly kind and patient soul without whose presence and love I might not have coped! She has become the quintessential Best Friend!

As for my son, that’s a story for another day but I am truly truly blessed!
But most surprising during my travails were the Angels that popped out from the most unexpected places and times!

I learnt that help never comes from the expected sources but God will always send you angels to help you out and meet you at your points of need.
I broke down in tears when a friend I wasn’t really in touch with offered to send me money to help out!
Then of course there were friends who called EVERYDAY like they had me on speed dial while there were those who brought me thoughtful gifts like special foods, flowers, etc.
The outpouring of love and support has been overwhelming.

Now, lessons learnt?

1) The things I thought were important don’t seem so important anymore and I realized that the really important things are those little things I had taken for granted.

2) I realized that some friends are generally willing to help but as they are not mind readers, you’ll have to tell them what you want!
You hear a lot of “Let me know if you need anything…”

For some, you won’t hear from them again when you tell them what you really need – but that’s ok. You’ll be fine !

3) What’s important and what you must do is –

Aunty Grace

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4 Responses

  1. Fr. Richard says:

    Really cute but at time we are slow to learn

  2. Stephen Enakhena says:

    It’s all about seen God in all things that cross your path. In most cases the least person you expect may be the last one standing with you for good, whilst your must counted reliable shall be the first to abandon you for their comfort.
    It’s pretty that some of us have the opportunity to learn and realised that our lives understanding is beyond our perception of reality. Our second trench of life exposes us to who you are, who are your reliable once & what your exist mean to other.

  3. LAWAL ibrahim says:

    We want to learn more and more.

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