Today’s Joke

Dayo on his sick bed in the hospital called for his wife and four children.

Dayo: To you, my wife (Roju), take over the Petroleum Company.
Roju: Started crying loudly.
Dayo: To you my first son (Ola), take over the shopping mall and the gas station.
Ola: Screaming.
Dayo: To you my second son (Ishola), take over the Airport.
Ishola: Crying louder.
Dayo: To you my third son (Dolapo), take over Sheraton Hotel.
Dolapo: Wailing.
Dayo: To you my only daughter (Dammy), the Teaching Hospital is yours.
Dammy: Crying the loudest.
The confused nurse in the room with them asked: “I don’t understand why you people are crying and screaming in pain, at least your Dad left you great deal of properties to make you all comfortable till the end of time”.
Wife: Properties!, comfortable ni. He is a cleaner and those are places he cleans every day.

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