When You Think You Can’t Go On…

One day, you get up to take a step forward but you fall back down because, yes- you are too weak to stand, or you find that you can’t take that step that you used to take two at a time!

What happened?

How did you even get here?

You look around to see if there is anyone nearby to help lift you up, but no- there is no one – just you and your thoughts screaming “how did I get here? How did I get to be like this?”

It’s a time we pray we never have to experience, when we are all alone, and when we must depend on others to do those things we used to do in a heartbeat!

While we may find it hard to move that one leg in front of the other, we must try hard to remember that though we may not be as strong as we were before, we can still go on moving if we try hard enough!

Remember that song “…you can get it if you really want… but you must try, try and try, try and try, and you will succeed at last!”

This temporary impediment – which could be physical, mental, financial or even spiritual -to your progress will remain as temporary as you want it to be!

If you say to yourself “I can do this! I can beat this!” you’ll  find that once you put your mind to it knowing that any movement at all must start with that little unstable step, then you are on your way to full recovery!

And do not forget or underestimate the power of prayer- it works! Once you put your mind to what you want, the sky is the limit and that step will be just that much easier to take!

Take care of you.


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  1. Fr. Richard. j. Enegbuma says:

    Yes, Aunty Grace, you said it all. The power of prayer is essential in life. Lean on me is half trust but the spirituality in prayer is Devine and superior. Thanks

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