Shocking! Snake Bites Woman’s Vagina

A 44-year-old woman from Kparekpare a suburb of Dambai, Krachi East constituency, named Eyii, met her untimely death after a snake bit her vagina while returning from farm.

According to the husband of the deceased, Aziagome Akuvi, who witnessed the incident first hand, he and his wife were returning home from their farm when she asked him to wait as she intends to pee in the bush.

Akuvi, who’s a peasant farmer in the community, further noted that while patiently waiting for his late wife who was squatting and easing herself, he heard her suddenly shouting for help only to rush to her aid to see her bitten by a snake at her vagina (c**toris).

The troubled and confused husband sensing that the snake bit on his wife was a spiritual attack, in a bid to save the life of his dying wife, then put her on his bicycle and rushed her to a fetish priest for spiritual intervention and herbal treatment.

However she unfortunately didn’t survive the snake bite and later died at the fetish priest’s home.

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