Safety Tips

Animal Bites

Although,  this tends to relate to health issues, it is about being safe with animal bites.

As one who have pets at home, please not that domestic pets cause more bites. For instance, dogs are more likely to bite by accident or otherwise while cats are more infectious.
Risk of rabies with non-immunized pets / stray / wild animals like accoons, skunks, foxes, bats too carry rabies.


Skin break

Bruise / puncture
Swelling and redness of the area
Oozing of fluid


Calm the affected person
Wash hands before attending to wound
Wash wound with soap & running water
Apply antibiotic ointment
Dress using sterile bandage

After first aid, medical treatment must be sought quickly. Suturing may be required. Tetanus booster / antibiotics may also be required.
Thrn, remember that the treatment depends on type and (or) location of wound.


Avoid keeping wild or infectious animals as pets. Similarly, choose a pet that is friendly to children and train the pet to obey commands.

After all said above, make it a necessity to Vaccinate your pet.

When children are around, pets supervision is required. And finally, avoid leaving infants alone with pets.

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