When Is The Right Time To Tell Everything?

When is the right time to tell everything that’s going on with you- whether it’s an illness, a broken heart, Financial distress – when is it right to spill it out and say ” here- I need help!”?

Very often we bottle up issues that are going on in our lives, refusing to share them with family or friends because we don’t want to “bother them”. But bother them we should because isn’t that what family and friends are for- to help share the good and the bad? What’s worse, bottling things up can actually kill you!

Also, if you are sick and share your experience with others, you might just hear of a cure that helped another or your situation may help others to deal with their own situation so I’ll say always-
NOW is always a good time to talk! Talk about things that bother you and share your problems whether they be the Good, The Bad or the Ugly!

A friend’s cousin just got arrested for molesting his daughter. His wife told my friend that she had her suspicions when she noticed during her visits every time the 3year old’s dad came home the child would dash into her arms and cower in fear but she thought it was just an act.

If she had spoken out her suspicions the little child would not have suffered till the dad was caught red-handed molesting his child!

Remember, a Problem Shared is a Problem Halved!

Stay safe.

Aunty Grace.

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  1. Uche O says:

    Just the right topic to deal with right now especially in our society where people are afraid if stigmatisation, this would help a lot of people dealing with many personal issues to learn to confide in someone . Weldone Aunty Grace

  2. Fr. Richard. j. Enegbuma says:

    No specific time.

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