REPLY: “I Need Advice As Regards My Failing Relationship”

Dear OJ,

Yours is a truly sad case- that you love a girl and are willing to marry her but she wants to leave because of (I guess from your letter, the economic situation and all!)

They say behind every dark cloud, there is a silver lining and let me tell you what it is- thank God that she is leaving now before you invest more time and resources in the relationship! What if you’ve been dating for 3-4 years and you’ve made plans to propose and suddenly she says she is leaving?

That will be more devastating (and trust me if a girl/woman wants to leave, she will!)

So start by thanking God (yes- in all things give thanks to God!)  and pray to God to guide you in your choice of a partner in the future.

But if you want to fulfil all righteousness and satisfy yourself that you gave it a good shot, then sit her down (take her to a decent non expensive restaurant – every or rather most – girls like rice) and talk to her.

Start by telling her you love her and ask why she’s leaving? Who knows, there might be a few lessons to be learnt from what went wrong!
Take care!
Aunty Grace

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