Parents Also Get Abused By Their Children

Sometime ago I wrote about women being abused and suggested you “knock on that door” when you hear abuse taking place next door in order to stop the abuse in its tracks!
I got letters telling me that husbands also get abused by wives (and I agree!)

However, have you ever stopped to think that parents get abused by their children and the form of abuse is as varied as it  can be traumatic.

A couple who had an only son believed that the  best education they could offer the boy was to send him to school in the United States of America.

Anyhow, no one could talk them out of sending this boy to any school that was ready to take him to study engineering.

His paternal grandmother protested, arguing that it’s best to send him to a good school in Nigeria where they could monitor his progress more easily (I agree!) or perhaps send him to England with a more structured educational system. (plus it was not so far away!).

But the mother was adamant that her only son must be sent to the United States of America (USA) to study and she loved the American accent, so she sold whatever jewelry she had to assist her husband in sending their “beloved son” to school in the US. So off he went!

Letters went back and forth -” please study hard my son and don’t disappoint us”.
The son often wrote back:
“I’m doing well mom but please send me a little pocket money…”
They would scrape whatever they had to send to him.

One year past, second year past and soon after the third year came around. How time flies!
“We are saving to come to your graduation next year. I’m so proud of you!”

The boy sent pictures of himself and “a friend “in a library studying, and he said: Mom I’m studying hard to be a mechanical engineer and once I graduate, you will never have to take your car to Taiwo the mechanic again!”

The fourth year soon rolled by and the parents (not rich by any standard ) scraped all they had and bought tickets to attend their son’s “graduation” in a well known City in the United States of America.

He had given them an address of an apartment he said he shared with a
“Classmate”. They arrived at a dingy apartment building and knocked on apartment 419 (my choice).

“Where is your roommate?” The mother asked.” “He went to meet his parents in the hotel so you can stay here in the room with me”. The boy replied .

The father sensing something was not quite right asked,” Where are your books? Show me some of the assignments you’ve done? Show me any of your test results, show me something from your school.!”

That’s when the boy stuttered with tears in his eyes “…Papa Sorry I’m not graduating tomorrow because I couldn’t finish school when…..”

The Mom fainted and dad unbuckled his belt and proceeded to teach his son the lessons he should have learnt all these years until someone called the police because of all the racket that was going on!

Now my question is- why did the son allow his not-so-rich parents to WASTE ALL THAT TIME AND MONEY to travel that incredibly far distance when he knew there was to be no graduation ceremony of any sort? WHY?
Parental abuse or no??

We’ve heard cases of first born sons challenging their fathers and even beating them up when they try to discipline them for misbehaving!

Some single mothers have died of broken hearts when their teenage daughters have gotten pregnant and ran away from home not to return .

Those are abuses!
Stay cool and be blessed!
Aunty Grace

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