Names That Are Going Extinct

For the baby boomer generation, having a name like Gertrude or Delbert most likely triggers feelings of nostalgia—someone is reminded of an old friend or family member. But for the younger generations, these same first names often sound dated or even foreign.

Like fashion trends, names go in and out of style as time goes on. Naming your baby daughter after a flower may have been all the rage in the sixties, but now giving her a more traditionally male name is more in style.

That’s why at Moose Roots, we asked ourselves the question: Which names are going so out of style that they’ll soon become extinct? To find out, we pulled data from our first and last names topic, which was compiled from the Social Security Administration (for the United States). We started by crunching the numbers to find a list of baby names that were at least somewhat popular in 1950 (more than 1,000 per 1 million babies). Next, we tracked which of those names had nearly vanished by 2013.

Some of these names included:







Sheryl….. Click here to see if your name is going out of style

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