The Movie ’93 Days’: Story of Ebola in Nigeria


TGIF! What are your plans for this weekend? Please permit me to suggest that you go watch what is now famously referred to as The Ebola movie-93 DAYS.
I went to see it it last Monday evening and had the honor and singular pleasure of watching it  in the movie theater with the lead actress Bimbo Akintola, whose performance as Dr Ameyo Adadevoh was nothing short of Oscar quality!
We tend to take things for granted around this part of the world , and probably saw the Ebola episode as “one of those things ” not realizing or even appreciating the enormity of the sacrifice that was made to save many lives in Nigeria ! The expertise  , empathy and intelligence displayed by Dr Adadevoh and the First Consultants Group was as phenomenal as it was brilliantly captured in the movie- 93 DAYS.
Dr Adadevoh definitely deserves to have a posthumous national honor conferred on her!
Meanwhile, people, take time off to go see 93 Days.
The renowned American actor ,Danny Glover also stars in the movie.
Happy Viewing!
Aunty Grace

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