Men Get Abused Too…

One of my blog readers wrote in to complain that in my article on the abuse of women, I left out the fact that men get abused too by women – very true!

Most men I spoke to, say that deliberately withholding sex (usual excuse being she has a headache) is the most common form of abuse men are subjected to!

Stories abound about wives cutting of their husbands’ manhood but that is an extreme form of abuse that’s likely to result in death (and therefore murder!).

But what will make a woman abuse her husband? Some argue that what’s good for the goose should be good for the gander and that just because men are biologically built stronger than women should not prevent women from fighting back whichever way they can!

Having said that, let me quickly add that there are women who are physically bigger and stronger than their husbands and have been known to beat such husbands black and blue !

An interesting video posted on the internet was forwarded to me recently .
A man was seen beating a woman he accused of cheating on him. Some of the passers- by decided to  intervene and one guy even went as far as tackling the as he punched the woman!

Many tried to stop the man from punching the woman and one man slapped him screaming “come punch a man like yourself you coward !”

But the next video clip was even more interesting – It showed a woman this time punching her boyfriend but the reaction of the passers by was strange.

Many joined the woman in punching the already traumatized man who was reeling on the ground in pain!!! One pulled his ear shouting “don’t do that again! (meanwhile he had no idea what the man had done !!!).

So yes – men do get abused but such abuse is  not often reported.

Well, everybody stay safe and be fair to others!

Aunty Grace.

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3 Responses

  1. Elizabeth Sama Obileye says:

    Grace, have you personally SEEN a case of an abused man in Nigeria? Do you know that withholding sex can actually be a symptom of physical, emotional and/or psychological disability, for both the man and the woman, and not a deliberate act of abuse? Just sharing an insight… Peace and God bless!!

  2. Fr. Richard. j. Enegbuma says:

    I agree with you in this matter. Let me add this, women who earn more than their husband abuse them too financially. My pastoral experience.

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