Hi! How many of us when betrayed by friends or family refuse to let it go and swear we’ll never forgive or forget?

“How can he/she do that? You ask rhetorically.

I’ll show him! Show him what?

If God held our sins against us can you imagine where we’ll be?

What most people do not know is that when you are holding on to a grudge, you suffer the most.

The person who hurt you may not even be aware of how much pain they’ve caused you and are probably going about their merry business and if it’s their stock in trade are probably looking for other victims to annoy!

So my advice is – LET IT GO! Letting it go will bring you a huge sense of relief and you’ll feel like a burden has been lifted off you.

It does not matter whether or not the culprit knows that you are hurt by his/her attitude.

It does not matter if they apologize or not. When you fight a mad man in the gutter no one will know the difference between you two- so LET IT GO!

Let it go and move on and not only will you feel better but you may just be lucky to move on to better things and a better life!

So good luck on that and may you find solace in LETTING GO!

Aunty Grace!

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2 Responses

  1. Sizzling D says:

    OMG that’s is absolutely true. Forgiveness is the strength and gateway to growth and progress.

  2. Lasisi Ajimuyin says:

    I quite agree with you, Aunty Grace. Holding on to offences for too long is like holding out a cup of water for long. It begins to turn to a burden for the longer you hold it. Well done!

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