LETTER: “I Need Help Please”

Dear Aunty Grace,

My name is Bridget, I am 25, and a single mum of a two year old lovely boy.

His father and I were cause mates back in school and things were going well until the baby came, I had wished I never had to date him.

He and his family has refused to take responsibility of the boy, but they call on phone to know how he is doing and they turn deaf ears to any of his needs, leaving me with every single responsibility.

I forgot to mention, he is Yoruba and am Igbo. They said if I want them to take responsibility, that I should bring the boy to them. I can’t let go of my boy.

Am not tired of taking care of him, my concern is that some people said that he is a boy and would go back to his father someday, that it is better I let him go now, but I dont think letting him go is the best idea, I think they would take him away and the boy would not know who I am. Please what do I do.


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