LETTER: “I Can Hardly Keep A Relationship…”

Dear Aunty Grace,

Good day ma, I just saw your advert on Facebook about talking to someone. I can’t even sleep today.

I am a girl of 27,  my challenge is that I can hardly keep a relationship or even friends, basically because I am impatient, sometimes saucy and most importantly don’t like doing home chore. I like people doing them for me.

The only thing I like doing is cooking, but I am not lazy in going out to work for money. So, the guys usually complain of these things and since I don’t change,  they quit.

Also, I don’t take shit from any man,  if I notice any little dissatisfaction or flaw I tend to shy away. I don’t tolerate and very impatient.

The only relationship I have kept for long, that’s about 3 years, was my school boyfriend and I took his shit then because I truly loved him, though he was always complaining too, I can’t seem to love again and don’t even give a shit.

But the thing is that I really wanna get married though not desperate, and be in a Man’s house.

What do you advise?

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