In the face of terror

In the aftermath of the bombings carried out in New York and New Jersey, Americans are on edge. They know that federal law enforcement is stretched to the breaking point, working literally a thousand cases of Islamic State supporters.

In New York City proper, the epicenter of the latest attack an intelligence program that was once the envy of law enforcement and intelligence officials worldwide has been hamstrung by activists and grievance-mongers who seek to undermine effective counterterror provisions.

In this environment, hearing politicians like New York Mayor Bill de Blasio issue statements downplaying what common sense dictates were acts of terror leads regular Americans to believe that their government officials are unprepared.

In major cities law enforcement have repeatedly been targeted in ambushes, as occurred in Philadelphia and elsewhere. This leads U.S. police to prioritize their own “force protection” posture; so law enforcement can protect their ability to protect us.

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