Every Man To Himself…

Man is inherently selfish, often putting his needs first before any other’s and why not? We are enjoined to love “your Neighbour as yourself” so the yardstick for measuring love for your Neighbour is love for yourself!  You’ve got to love yourself first!

Our expectations of others can bring us as much disappointment and sorrow as happiness and surprise.

Best not to expect any Favours from others so when you don’t get, you are not disappointed! This may not be true for children and family but believe me – they too can disappoint.

The only Reliable Helper Is GOD and He alone will send helpers your way when you need them. He will choose to send you helpers that are obviously from Him- unexpected and total surprise!

Should we ask for help from friends when we need them or should we expect that such friends would ordinarily help us without being told or asked?

Some say a good friend should know when a friend needs help and should offer to help ab initio!

Others say “ask ” if you need help as not being mind readers, most friends won’t know what you need!

Yet others say they are afraid to ask for help because should such requests be denied, they will be devastated! Why ?

Probably because of the Expectation that such help is – or should be- guaranteed! But is it? Should it be?

I would say ask only if you must or if such opportunity to ask has been offered- like ” let me know if you need anything ..” which is so often glibly offered to you by friends.

Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you.

I pray that when you ask, you shall receive; when you seek you shall find and when you knock it shall be opened to you! Amen

Aunty Grace

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