Domestic violence: Ring The Bell

A few years ago I attended a United Nations session on issues involving Women and children.
The then Secretary- General sent a message that was read during the session in which he charged us all to Stop domestic violence by simply Ringing That Bell!
His idea was that if you hear your Neighbours fighting or (as is often the case, the husband beating up on the wife or partner) do not just sit there and keep quiet but walk over and Ring The Bell and that would usually temporarily stop the fight and hopefully stop a death!
Domestic Violence is on the increase and abused women are often afraid or reluctant to report such abuse either because they are afraid of the repercussion from the abuser or they are simply ashamed to admit that they are in an abusive relationship.
Many abused women – and very sadly – children too- have suffered abuse until it ends in their death by which time it’s too late for anyone to do anything about it!
Abuse is not always physical. Perhaps the worst endured by women is emotional and financial abuse.
The abused woman is made to lose her self esteem until she is made to think that she deserves the abuse and that she is guilty and responsible for whatever is wrong!
Please if you know anyone you suspect is being abused please step in and DO SOMETHING! Don’t say it’s not your business because it is! Talk to somebody- the abused person, a relation, friend, religious mentor or law enforcement- but TALK!
Signs of abuse could be physical (like inexplicable wounds, sudden withdrawal from the friends and family).
Any usual change in behavior should be investigated and suspicions reported.
Abuse of children by Nannies and day care givers is also on the increase. Sometimes the abuse is senseless and carried out by obviously demented nannies!
Parents should investigate thoroughly the background of persons they intend to leave their children or wards with.

A good and useful practice is to install CCTV (closed circuit television) in all the areas where your kids will be and check frequently for any sign of abuse and report such abuse promptly.

So remember, if you hear or suspect abuse is taking place go over and –
Aunty Grace

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  1. Fr. Richard. j. Enegbuma says:

    Very well written. Am glad that this issue has been well analyses. The problems are based on ignorance of the abused because they are not educated about their rights. Secondly fear of the unknown. Once in my life, I tried to stop a man beating his pregnant wife. He attacked me instead with blows and leg kicks. I defended myself. Just one punch the man was down and hospitalized. I later paid the bill and we became good friends.
    One day he asked me, Rev. Fr. Richard, that blow made me to see stars, therefore to avoid a second one I have to fake by fainting. He never abuse his wife again. Both are late
    We need lectures on safe environment from school,Churches and Mosques. Thanks

  2. Emeka henry says:

    Excellent truth, men should do everytin humanly possibleto avoid situations that can lead to spouse abuse, but what of situations where the man is been abused physically and emotionally by the woman.

  3. Wilson from one stop concept says:

    But Aunty grace why is it DAT every body is talking about females been abused what about men been abused by their women? Plz talk on it too, I know of some

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