Domestic violence: Ring The Bell

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  • Fr. Richard. j. Enegbuma

    Very well written. Am glad that this issue has been well analyses. The problems are based on ignorance of the abused because they are not educated about their rights. Secondly fear of the unknown. Once in my life, I tried to stop a man beating his pregnant wife. He attacked me instead with blows and leg kicks. I defended myself. Just one punch the man was down and hospitalized. I later paid the bill and we became good friends.
    One day he asked me, Rev. Fr. Richard, that blow made me to see stars, therefore to avoid a second one I have to fake by fainting. He never abuse his wife again. Both are late
    We need lectures on safe environment from school,Churches and Mosques. Thanks

  • Emeka henry

    Excellent truth, men should do everytin humanly possibleto avoid situations that can lead to spouse abuse, but what of situations where the man is been abused physically and emotionally by the woman.

  • Wilson from one stop concept

    But Aunty grace why is it DAT every body is talking about females been abused what about men been abused by their women? Plz talk on it too, I know of some