Visualization: Clinton maintains lead against Trump


Less than a week until the United States of America (USA)’s presidential election scheduled for Tuesday, November 8, 2016, which will be the 58th quadrennial U.S. presidential election.

Amidst several criticisms and revelations that have graced the campaigns, Hillary Clinton‘s once commanding national lead has slipped to less than 3 points over the weekend.

Although Donald Trump is still far behind in the electoral count, his chances have vastly improved over the last week.

According to DailyWire, after suffering a bloody October where all of the business mogul’s positive momentum from September was undone, he has begun to climb again in the national polls, while Clinton falters following a series of damaging headlines — most notably the reopening of the FBI’s investigation into her private email server.

Though Trump still trails in most of the battleground states — including North Carolina, Nevada, Arizona, and Colorado — he has closed the gap in many and regained the edge in the crucial swing states of Ohio and Florida, only narrowly anyway.


Below are the most recent polling numbers for the three traditional key swing states as reported by DailyWire:


In Florida, as of Oct. 30, RCP’s poll average finds Trump back in the lead, though by a minuscule margin. In a four-way contest, Trump holds a razor-thin 0.5% lead (44.8 – 44.3). The results of the two-way polls show the same gap: 0.5% (45.7 – 45.2). The two candidates were tied in late September. Clinton led the state by over 4% in mid-August and over 2% in mid-October.


In Ohio, as of Oct. 30, Trump maintains a narrow lead over Clinton. In a four-way race, Trump leads by 1.3% (45.8 – 44.5) and by a 1.5-point margin in the head-to-head surveys (46.5 – 45). Trump held an over 3-point lead in the first week of October, while Clinton led by 5 points in late August.


In Pennsylvania, as of Oct. 30, Clinton holds a 5.2-point lead in a four-way contest (46.5 – 41.3), a 3-point slip from a month ago. Head-to-head surveys show her with a similar advantage: 5% (46.7 – 41.7). In mid-October, Clinton held an over 9-point lead.

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