Chierika sponsored self to represent Nigeria at Olympics


How do we celebrate this young woman, an undergraduate at Stranford University, who sponsored herself to the 2016 Rio Olympics to represent Nigeria in rowing?

Chierika Ukogu, a 23 years old American-born Nigerian practically sponsored herself to the games. She had to put he studies on hold and found a way to train with the United States Olympics team and qualified for the games without any support from home country.

No one cared about her. She used the GO FUND ME app to raise funds to enable her participate in the games.

She was not deterred by the chalenges, neither did she abandone her country eben when the country didn’t care about her nor sponsor her. For her, all that mattered was to represent her country and wear the national colours.

She has just qualified for the Semi finals in her category.

She is a huge inspiration to Nigerians! Whether she wins the Gold medal or not, she has won the hearts of millions.

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