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Today’s Joke

I couldn’t get away with Halloween pranks ’cause [my parents] owned the health food store. So, it was so easy to bust me. I was the only kid on the block egging houses with those big ‘ole brown eggs. Like, you didn’t have to be...

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Safety Tips

Continued… Parental awareness can fall into three simple categories. These follow, with descriptions: Lack of or Insufficient Level of Awareness In this attitude, parents are preoccupied with themselves or their work, sports, television, or other more self-defeating distractions such as drugs and alcohol. These parents...

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Today’s Jokes

Three friends once went to drink and drank to stupor. On their way home in the taxi, they told the driver where they were going to. As soon as the driver noticed that they were drunk, he decided to play them. So, he started the...

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How South African President Jacob Zuma Resigned

South Africa’s embattled President Jacob Zuma has resigned from his office with immediate effect, the BBC has reported. The announcement was made in a televised address Zuma made to the nation on Wednesday evening. Earlier, Zuma’s governing African National Congress (ANC) party told him to...

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Shanghai van hits 18 pedestrians outside Starbucks

A van has ploughed into pedestrians outside a Starbucks cafe in a busy public square in Shanghai, China, after catching fire. At least eighteen people have been taken to hospital, three of them with serious injuries, authorities say. The fire was caused by the driver,...

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Happy New Year!

As You embark On This New Chapter… I Wish You And Yours God’s Abundant Blessings!

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Africa in photos this week

A selection of this week’s best photos of Africans and Africa. Image copyrightAFP In a dress made from seed pods, Miss Tanzania Lilian Ericaah Maraule prepares backstage to represent the best of her nation’s culture at The National Costume Show in Las Vegas on Saturday....


Man rips mother’s womb in Nigeria

A 55-year old woman identified as Josephine Igbineweka has been killed by her last child, Caleb Obasogie, after ripping out her womb. Caleb, aged 22, was said to have killed his mother for her refusal to give him money. The killing occurred at about 8:00...

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How to know your spouse is cheating

I have watched many marriages be torn apart because of infidelity. It is heart wrenching to witness beloved friends having to live their worst nightmare as they discover their spouse has been selfish and unfaithful. I would never wish it on anyone. Because of this,...