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Drunk US pilot kicks off plane

  A Delta Air Lines pilot suspected of drinking before his flight at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport was arrested Tuesday morning. The Federal Aviation Administration prohibits any pilot from flying within eight hours of drinking alcohol. Officers and TSA agents discovered the pilot had an “alcoholic container”...

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REVEALED: Top Secret Phone Call From Meghan Markle

When Meghan Markle was tapped to serve as guest editor of British Vogue‘s September issue, the Duchess of Sussex apparently tapped Selma Hayek to be her confidante, of sorts. According to Hayek — who was one of 15 women Markle selected to grace the powerful...

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British student dies in Madagascar after falling from plane

A Cambridge University student has died in Madagascar after falling from a plane. Alana Cutland’s family said they had been left “heartbroken” and paid tribute to the “bright, independent woman”. The 19-year-old from Milton Keynes died while on an internship in the African island nation...

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Tody’s Joke

Joe asked God, “How much is a penny worth in heaven?” God replied, “$1 million.” Joe asked, “How long is a minute in heaven?” God said, “One million years.” Joe asked for a penny. God said, “Sure, in a minute.”

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Health Tips

Generally, Cucumber is healthy but Chinese cucumber ROOT is UNSAFE. Chinese cucumber root injections can cause severe side effects, including allergic reactions, seizures, fever, fluid buildup in the lungs and brain, bleeding in the brain, heart damage, and death. However, it should be noted that Chinese cucumber FRUIT and SEED seem...

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Scores Dead in Brazil Prison Gang violence

No fewer than 52 people have been killed in a gruesome gang battle that broke out in an prison in the Brazil on Monday morning. Officials said a local drug gang had invaded the wing controlled by its rivals in the city of Altamira in...

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Today’s Joke

I came home from work. I was tired. I sat down on the sofa. Put my feet up. My wife brought me a glass of water. My son gave me a sheet of paper: English Lang. 17% Biology 35% Mathematics 40% Physics 37% Chemistry 42%...

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Health Tips

7 Health Benefits of Eating Cucumber It’s High in Nutrients. Cucumbers are low in calories but high in many important vitamins and minerals. … It Contains Antioxidants. … It Promotes Hydration. … It May Aid in Weight Loss. … It May Lower Blood Sugar. … It Could Promote Regularity. …...