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Michael Jackson family slams documentary renewing sex abuse claims

© Provided by Cover Media.Michael Jackson’s family on Monday lashed out against a new documentary renewing focus on allegations the singer sexually abused young boys, calling the subsequent social media outrage a “public lynching.” Dubbing the late King of Pop an “easy target,” the Jackson...

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Bill Cosby targeted by a drone in prison yard

Convicted sex offender Bill Cosby was targeted by a drone flying overhead while he was in the yard of his Pennsylvania prison last week, Cosby’s spokesman confirmed. Andrew Wyatt, Cosby’s spokesman since he was charged, tried twice and convicted of sexual assault charges, said a...

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US, UK threaten to ban those who interfere with Nigeria’s elections

The United States and the United Kingdom have announced repercussions, including visa restrictions, for election interference and election-related violence in Nigeria. This was announced in a statement issued on Thursday. Both countries described the elections as very important to not just Nigeria but Africa, demanding...

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Today’s Joke

At a Public rally one year in the United State, everyone was chanting, ‘We don’t need no education.’ I’m like, Oh yeah? Well, that’s a double negative. That actually means you do need education. You’re contradicting yourself.

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Health Tips

Dietician vs. nutritionist: what’s the difference? Both dieticians and nutritionists can offer nutritional help, but qualifications differ between the two professions. Learn more about the differences between the two roles, then ask your doctor which type of nutritional counseling is right for you. Depending on...

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Zola: Higuain can succeed like I did

Gianfranco Zola has backed new Chelsea striker Gonzalo Higuain to emulate the successful transition he made from Serie A to the Premier League. Higuain completed a loan move to Chelsea from Juventus on Wednesday that will see him remain in London until the end of...

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Facebook tricked children into spending money on games

Facebook deliberately allowed children to spend money on its platform without their parents’ knowledge, according to newly unsealed court documents. The multi-year effort was detailed in a class action lawsuit revealing Facebook’s alleged attempts to increase revenue for games like Angry Birds and PetVille. In...

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Today’s Joke

MAD Kid ran out of the room and started a sudden conversation with Mom>> kid : Mummy why do you often call my little brother an Angel? Mother : because he is so little, and babies always look like Angels . why are you asking?...

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Health Tips

3. Shop smarter. Highly processed foods are convenient, but often, they’re neither the most frugal nor the healthiest option. Impulse buying snack foods and pre-prepared meals can run up your grocery bill and set you up to consume lots of empty calories. But impulse buys aren’t...