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Pope speaks on why Catholics may not forgive Priests

  Catholics will forgive their priests for almost any weakness, but not for an exaggerated attachment to money or for mistreating parishioners, Pope Francis told 160 priests who work in Vatican nunciatures around the world. “The people of God have a great nose” for sniffing...

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Fidel Castro, African hero

Cuban President Fidel Castro speaks to former South African President, Nelson Mandela at the World Trade Organization in Geneva in 1998. (Patrick Aviolat/European Pressphoto Agency) Following his release after 27 years in prison, Nelson Mandela made sure one of his first trips abroad was to...

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Trump may not be able to work in the ‘Oval Office’

President Barack Obama is apparently refusing to renovate the Oval Office — and has instead decided to pass the buck to Donald Trump, who may be forced to work somewhere else for a quarter of his term as a result of the numerous security upgrades...

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J.K. Rowling’s Aleppo Girl Lost Her Home In A Bombing

Fatemah runs a Twitter account in Bana’s name that has more than 100,000 followers. Last night, their home was bombed. Bana has developed a huge following online because of her tweets. Last week, she received e-books from J.K. Rowling, who saw Bana’s tweets about enjoying...

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How Do Trump Supporters See Black People?

Donald Trump has been charged with racism throughout much of his career and much of his campaign. As researchers who investigate racial attitudes and their relationship to politics, we have been investigating the idea that there are whites in the U.S. who believe that black people are...

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Security Tips

Personal Safety Tips There are three areas where you are particularly vulnerable, if you are alone: On the street In your car In your home or room In all four of these areas, you need to take a four-pronged approach to your own safety: Alertness...

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Today’s Joke

A blonde walked into her final exam very nervous. But when she received the test, she was relieved to find out that it was a True or False exam. Immediately, she reached into her purse and pulled out a coin. Each time she flipped the...

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LETTER: “…He Is Not Taking My Calls”

Dear Aunty Grace, I’m in a long distance relationship and it’s going to take me a long while before seeing my boyfriend. I don’t know what to do.

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Malawi ‘hyena’ Eric Aniva gets lenient sentence

HIV-positive Malawian man, Eric Aniva, has been sentenced to 24 months in jail with hard labour for having unprotected sex with newly bereaved widows. The practice of “widow cleansing”, when a widow must have sex after her husband dies, was outlawed a few years ago....